The mission of Shalom High School is to partner with students to re-envision their obstacles as stepping stones toward their future.

Our vision is that students will create and execute a post high school plan that will prepare them to succeed in career, educational and/or employment choices.


As a Partnership school, Shalom High School supports and is committed to implementing the MPS High School curriculum and the Common Core State Standards in all academic areas. In order to help at-risk students catch up, Shalom offers a unique credit recovery and accelerated credit earning program.

There are two parallel ways students can earn the twenty-two (22) credits required for graduation at Shalom. Classes are offered in the traditional high school subject areas of English/Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Science/Health, Math, as well as Leadership. Students are able to earn 3.0 credits each trimester by successfully passing their classes.

Students can also earn credit outside of regular coursework by demonstrating proficiency in competency based “skills” projects. Skills projects are arranged by the course work they can replace. Students are able to earn up to 1.5 credits each trimester through the completion of Skills projects. Between coursework and skill project completion, students are able to earn 4.5 credits per trimester for a potential total of 13.5 credits in a full academic year.

Shalom also has an additional graduation requirement. All seniors must develop a portfolio of their work and “defend” their readiness to graduate before a panel of staff and Shalom Advisory Committee members and community partners. This process is referred to as the Defense of Graduation or D.O.G.

Through an extensive, on-going school effectiveness process, Shalom’s staff, after considering the relevant research and consulting with experts in the field, developed this unique model to meet the educational needs of at-risk students.


Shalom High School was founded in 1973 with the specific purpose of educating young people returning from correctional institutions. Over time, the school’s mission evolved to educate any student who found academic achievement difficult in traditional high schools. Today, these students are called “at-risk”.

Shalom operates as a subsidiary of TransCenter for Youth, Inc., a private non-profit, non-sectarian organization. Shalom satisfies all of the State’s requirements for private schools, but has contracted as a partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools since the 1981-82 school year.


Shalom offers a full-day academic program leading to a high school diploma for students who meet the criteria of the state’s children at-risk statute and are not achieving academic success in traditional schools. The school’s competency based, accelerated learning model, encourages success through challenging curriculum. Students earn credits through the traditional model and through completion of competency based “skill” projects, developed with input from the business community and several universities and colleges.

Our students must also prepare and present a portfolio or D.O.G. (Defense of Graduation), evaluated by a graduation committee. Students are generally between 15-19 years old in grades 9-12. For admission, students and parents must participate in an enrollment interview with Shalom staff and they must qualify as at-risk students.

Overview of Shalom High School

  • Founded: 1973
  • Grades: 9–12
  • Enrollment: Approximately 100 students
  • Program: At-Risk Students
  • Type: MPS Partnership
  • Hours: 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
  • Focus: Credit Recovery, Intensive Remediation, Employability Training, Anger Management and Conflict Resolution, Post- High School Planning, AODA Services, Teen Sexuality and Prevention
  • Success: High Graduation Rates, ACT Participation & Performance

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